TimeOne is a Marketing Services company specializing in media activation.
We offer our customers a One-Stop-Shop of Qualified Audience Generation, allowing us to cover all the needs of media campaigns.

TimeOne – Performance :

At the data crossroads between publishers and advertisers, we offer a mix-tools for helping our advertisers in prospect acquisition, generating new customers and increasing traffic.
We cover the entire Performance Marketing value chain: strategic consulting and decision-making support, network management and the measurement of results.

TimeOne LMT (Lead Management Technologies) :

TimeOne LMT (Lead Management Technologies) is a technology platform that allows brands to simply integrate intentional qualified leads into their CRM / PRM system.
We aggregate real-time leads generated on more than 1000 partner websites. After the leads analysis, verification and scoring, the profiles are available on our Marketplace.
This solution is only available for the French market.

TimeOne – Publishing :

TimeOne – Publishing is the thematic website publishing specialist. Meeting point between consumers and brands, the audience available allows advertisers to set up : special operations, branding and lead generation campaigns.

TimeOne – Programmatic by 3xchange :

TimeOne – Programmatic by 3xchange is the dedicated Trading Desk of the group.
We plan and add value to your multichannel (Display, Video, Social) and multi-device (Desktop, Mobile & Tablet) media campaigns.
Thanks to our DMP T1, we produce DATA and behavioural segmentation via our machine learning algorithm.

TimeOne – Native:

TimeOne – Native operates native Advertising campaign on several networks (Content Discovery, in-Feed, In-Newsletter) in a simple and effective way : 1 contact, 1 trader media, 1 reporting, 1 invoice but multiple optimizations. TimeOne can also offer the Nativious product – the Native Ads Platform itself – , which aims to centralize the management of a Native Advertising campaign: creation, distribution, optimization and reporting.

TimeOne – Mobile:

TimeOne – Mobile, the TimeOne division dedicated to Mobile Marketing, assists you in establishing mobile media plans covering the entire conversion tunnel: Branding, Prospecting (2nd screen campaigns, TV / Web Sync), Performance (CPI, CPL), Display CRM …

TimeOne – Social:

TimeOne – Social puts its know-how and expertise at your disposal in the setting up of Social marketing campaigns. By merging our Lead Generation expertise with Data Driven Marketing and campaign optimization in real-time, we are able to bring performance and success to your campaigns (Leads, Traffic, Engagement, etc.).