To measure the effectiveness of our partners

The effectiveness of our partners’ advertising campaigns and their adaptation to your needs, are based on a reasoned use of your personal data for advertising optimization purposes.

To propose you a targeted communication

Online Behavioral Advertising is a technique for displaying advertisements that are tailored to your interests. Based on the anonymous browsing history of Internet users, their preferences are highlighted and allow the creation of a suitable profile. Appropriate and appropriately targeted advertisements can then be offered to the user, based on his apparent interests.

Respond to your requests for business contacts

We use your personal data in order to respond as efficiently as possible to your requests and requests. This step requires, if necessary, the sending of your data to the corresponding customer, the contact by telephone, the requalification of your consent etc.
In such cases, you are reminded that in connection with the use of our services, our partners may be required to contact you. This will be a free and unequivocal consent.

Finally, we may use your personal data for advertising purposes or market research, in accordance with the consent you give us, if necessary explicitly, and in any event in accordance with the applicable legislation.